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Worthington Golf & Fitness Club Hole Layout

Worthington Country Club legend
Worthington Golf Course Hole 1

Hole Number 1

Hole #1 – Drive should be positioned right center of fairway. This gives the best approach, with bunker guarding the left front of the green.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 2

Hole Number 2

Hole #2 – Choose your club wisely. Short is better than long on this small green. Don’t forget about Lake Okabena in the background. 

Worthington Golf Course Hole 3

Hole Number 3

Hole #3 – This is the hardest handicap hole on the course. Right center of the fairway is your best drive. Landing short on your approach shot is crucial. Over the green scores a for-sure bogey.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 4

Hole Number 4

Hole #4 – Soft dogleg right. Driver may not be in play. Water on the right is in play with a wayward tee shot. Right side of the trees almost surely scores a bogey.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 5

Hole Number 5

Hole #5 – Get the Big Dog out on this one. Avoid ash tree guarding the left side of the fairway, along with the waterway left.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 6

Hole Number 6

Hole #6 – This is a great risk/reward shot if you go for it in two. The small pond short of the green swallows up many balls.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 7

Hole Number 7

Hole #7 – The tee shot is crucial to avoid the tight right out-of-bounds. Green is very difficult to read. 

Worthington Golf Course Hole 8

Hole Number 8

Hole #8 – The center of the green is your best shot on this uphill par 3 with an undulating green. Par is a good score here. 

Worthington Golf Course Hole 9

Hole Number 9

Hole #9 – Driver past the corner is a good starting shot; however, watch through the fairway on this dogleg right. The green has two tiers and can be tough. 

Worthington Golf Course Hole 10

Hole Number 10

Hole #10 – This is Worthington Golf Course’s signature hole! Watch for water on all sides. Back pin placement creates problems if you go for it. Chipping to this green takes par out of the equation.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 11

Hole Number 11

Hole #11 – Don’t let the length lull you to sleep on this hole. You must have a straight drive to a small green guarded by three bunkers.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 12

Hole Number 12

Hole #12 – The subtle dogleg requires two good shots to get to hole in two. Pay attention to the fairway bunker.



Worthington Golf Course Hole 13

Hole Number 13

Hole #13 – A sister to Hole #5, without trees and water. However, fairway bunker could come into play. Going over the green spells bogey for sure.

Worthington Golf Course Hole 14

Hole Number 14

Hole #14 – This hole is the longest par 3 on the course from the blue and white tees. With the position of the red tees, this becomes a short par 4 from the reds. This hole has the largest green on the course. From the blues or whites, a par feels like a birdie.

Worthington Country Club Golf Course Hole 17

Hole Number 17

Hole #17 – Spraying the tee shot right leaves you in Sherwood Forest! Targeting your tee shot just to the right of the large trees is your best choice on this dogleg left. Going for the green in two is risky; the green is small and slopes away towards the homes. Everything goes left here, including on the green.

Worthington Country Club Golf Course hole 18

Hole Number 18

Hole #18 – A great finishing hole! This hole plays more uphill than it looks. The green is especially hard to hit in 2, short is better than long. Bunker on the left side always brings a bogey!

Worthington Golf Course Hole 15

Hole Number 15

Hole #15 – The driver brings the pond into play on the left side and sets up a downhill approach to an elevated green. The driver may not be your best choice. Avoid the hungry bunker guarding the green.

Worthington Golf Course Hole16

Hole Number 16

Hole #16 – An accurate tee shot is crucial into this narrow fairway. The front left of the green slopes hard to the left side bunker.

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