By Kristin Kirtz
Worthington Daily Globe
May 31, 2015


WORTHINGTON — Big changes have taken place at the Worthington Country Club over the last couple of months.

The once-private club has opened its doors to the public and made membership more affordable since it was purchased by GreatLIFE Malaska Golf & Fitness.

Deb Jaycox, the general manager and director of operations at the club, said she has noticed a difference in business — not only on the golf course but also in the restaurant, where she spends a lot of her time.

“I’ve seen lots of new faces,” Jaycox said. “We’ve already had over 100 new members sign up, so I’ve seen lots of new members as well as the general public stopping out here.”

Duffer’s Bar and Grill is located in the main building at the country club. The restaurant that was once only open three days a week is now open all seven days for lunch and dinner to anyone, regardless of membership.

Seeing all the new faces visit the restaurant is very exciting for Jaycox, but she said it’s mingling with the customers that really makes her happy.

“I love it when I can come out of the kitchen and someone says, ‘Oh my gosh, Deb, that burger was so good,’ or ‘Wow! Your chicken is the best in town,’” she said. “I love when people come in here and leave happy.”

Jaycox said she hopes Worthington residents will take advantage of not only the new Duffer’s menu, but also the daily lunch and dinner specials that are always changing. She said that each visit to Duffer’s can be a new dining experience.

“I think we have a place out here that hasn’t been able to be enjoyed by the public for many years, and I think it’s really something special — especially in the summer, when you can sit outside on our patio area and overlook the beautiful golf course, ” Jaycox said.

The Duffer’s menu is designed to fit into anyone’s lunch or dinner plans. It includes both items that can be ready in five minutes for those in a rush and more luxurious meals for those looking for a good meal during which they can sit and relax.

One of the biggest menu hits is the Duffer’s pizza. Jaycox said it is a perfect option for those on lunch break or wanting to get out on the course as fast as possible to play a round.

“We have a cooking system that cooks pizza in four or five minutes,” Jaycox said.

“The pizzas have been a hit and they’ve got to taste good, because people keep ordering them.”

Jaycox said she loves her job and wants the Worthington community to experience Duffer’s themselves.

“Duffer’s has been fun,” Jaycox said. “We re-opened on April 16, and we’ve had a lot of people out here. It’s been a blast so far.”

Duffer’s Bar and Grill is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday.